Slow Cooker / Smoker


Achieving traditional barbecue flavor demands a low temperature, lots of moisture, and a long cooking time.  Broilmaster’s Qrave Grill delivers the goods – and more.  Unlike cookers made with a stamped steel shell, the Qrave Grill’s thick aluminum casting maintains a consistent cooking temperature all day – and all night.  So when your grandfather’s secret pork shoulder recipe calls for 200 to 220 degrees for 14 hours, that’s precisely what you’ll get.

The stainless steel drip pan eliminates flare-ups, so you spend more time entertaining and less time lifting the lid.  Drippings fall onto the pan and vaporize to produce flavorful smoke. Excess fat and liquids flow down into the drain channel and out of the grill to the external drip bucket.

Available in Natural Gas or LP.  Conversion Kits optional.


Q3X Slow Cooker/Smoker with Stainless Steel Storage Cart


Options & Accessories


Grill Cover (fits all grills)
Our grill cover fits over shelving, side burners and other accessories. Black only.


Cast Iron Smoker Box (for use in all grills)
Experience the extra flavor of real wood smoke and steam.


Multi-position Stainless Steel Lid Stop
Lifts hood a little or a lot to control heat and smoke.


Stainless Steel Griddle
From bacon, eggs, and pancakes to sandwiches to cookies, this super-duty griddle adds versatility to your grill.  Made from thick stainless steel, the griddle includes leveling screws for precise adjustment.


Stainless Steel Retractable Warming Rack
The folding warming rack attaches in minutes to add 253 square inches of cooking area to your grill.  The unique design automatically retracts when you lift the grill lid, giving you easy access to the main cooking grids.


Stainless Steel Side Burner
Enables you to simmer, saute or fry while you grill. Or choose the Infrared Side Burner to sear steaks, chops and fish.


Stainless Steel Single-Level Cooking Grids


Scraper Tool & Flexible Bristle Brush
Scraper tool removes cooking residue from grids and drip tray on Q3 Series grills.
Bristle Brush removes build-up from drain on Q3 Series grills.

  • Stainless Steel Oval Burner adjusts from 26,500 Btu LP / 25,000 Nat to 7,500 Btu (cooks more than 50 hours on one tank on low)
  • Deep Cast Aluminum Grill Head Maintains Consistent Temperature
  • Two-Piece Stainless Steel Cooking Grids (2-Level) Maximize Space
  • Full-Area, Stainless Steel Drip Pan with Drain Valve
  • External Drip Bucket
  • Built-in Smoker Tray for Wood Chips or Pellets
  • Electronic Igniter Lights All Season on One AA Battery
  • Made in USA
Qrave Series Grill Package


Slow Cooker  - Package 1
Propane Only

  • Q3PK1
  • Black Cart/Base
  • Side Shelf with Black Painted Brackets with Cup Holders