Gas Grills

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Broilmaster offers more cooking configurations than your kitchen stove – including searing, grilling, broiling, smoking, slow roasting, indirect cooking, and even baking.  Add a side burner and you can also count sauté, boil, deep fry, simmer and reduction among your culinary vocabulary.

Add the motorized rotisserie to the P3 models, and you can self-baste even the biggest game, turkey, and roasts as they slowly rotate over low heat. With its twin burner controls, your Broilmaster offers the ultimate in temperature management.  The P3X and P4X offer multi-level cooking grids to place your food at the perfect height and a 3-position lid prop to control heat and smoke.  (Two levels on the P4X and three levels on the P3X.)

Broilmaster’s exclusive Smoker Shutter system – available for P3X and standard on P3SX – acts like a set of stainless steel blinds positioned between the burner and your food.  Open the shutters for conventional grilling and searing over high heat.  Close the shutters for indirect grilling, smoking, and baking.  Drippings burn off the shutters to produce flavorful smoke.

Because all Broilmaster heads fit our posts, carts and shelves, you can create the grill that suits your needs. Complete your grill with front and side shelves – available in stainless steel or in reinforced resin (with cup holders).  Substitute a conventional side burner or our infrared sear station – great for preparing steaks, chicken and fish.