Independence Charcoal Grill


The secrets to cooking with charcoal lie in how well you regulate the flow of air into the grill; and how well you control the heat and smoke as it surrounds your food. The INDEPENDENCE starts with a large grill head cast in ¼-inch thick aluminum, which heats quickly and evenly, and then helps you maintain a consistent cooking temperature – no matter the weather. This tall grill head, with its adjustable cooking grids, maximizes the available volume to give you the freedom to tackle any size meal – from burgers and brats to a 20-lb turkey with stuffing on the side.

Twin Air Intakes on the front panel and a rotary dual-function Top Vent adjust from wide open to fully closed – allowing precise control of temperature and smoke. The two front-loading doors let you add charcoal or wood chunks or redistribute hot coals via the upper door without removing a cooking grid.  Ash falls into the pan which slides out through the lower door for easy disposal.



Options & Accessories


Grill Cover (fits all grills)
Our grill cover fits over shelving, side burners and other accessories. Black only.


Cast Iron Smoker Box (for use in all grills)
Experience the extra flavor of real wood smoke and steam.


Diamond Pattern Cooking Grids (fits P3, H3, C3, and R3 grills)
Perfect for cooking veggies and fish.


Ceramic Glass Infrared Panel
Installs beneath a cooking grid to turn high heat from your charcoal into infrared energy to sear steak, fish, chicken, and chops.  Made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel and ceramic glass. Patent pending.


Grill Divider Plate
Divides the charcoal area in half so you can cook on just one side, indirect cook, or use the independent Air Intake system to create a temperature differential inside your grill.  Made from 12-gauge stainless steel for long life.


Stainless Steel Griddle
From bacon, eggs, and pancakes to sandwiches to cookies, this super-duty griddle adds versatility to your INDEPENDENCE grill.  Made from thick stainless steel, the griddle includes leveling screws for precise adjustment.


Stainless Steel Retractable Warming Rack
The folding warming rack attaches in minutes to add 253 square inches of cooking area to your INDEPENDENCE charcoal grill.  The unique design automatically retracts when you lift the grill lid, giving you easy access to the main cooking grids.


Ash Tool
The 24-inch premium Ash Tool lets you safely reach into the far corners of your Broilmaster INDEPENDENCE Grill to add or reposition charcoal and wood chunks or to remove ashes.  Stainless Steel construction with Coil Handle.  (Always wear heat-resistant gloves when operating a hot grill)

  • Cast Aluminum 26 ¾ W x 18 ¾ D x 20 ½ H
  • Direct Grilling Area: 442 Sq. In.
  • Charcoal & Ash Doors: 304 Stainless Steel (12-gauge)
  • 2-Piece Stainless Steel Rod Cooking Grids – Adjust to Three Levels
  • Lump Charcoal or Briquettes (DO NOT USE LIGHTER FLUID)
  • Charcoal Grates: 2-Piece Stainless Steel (12-gauge)
  • Optional Warming Rack: 253 Sq. In.
  • Optional Divider Plate: Stainless Steel (12-gauge)
  • Optional Ceramic Glass Infrared Panel (for Searing)
  • Made in USA
Charcoal Grill Series Packages


Charcoal Grill - Package 

  • C3PK1
  • Black Cart/Base
  • Side Shelf with Black Painted Brackets